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We handle electric goods such as electric guitar, acoustic guitar, amplifier, effector, wind instruments etc.

Wood Village, established as a small pawn shop in 1952 (Showa 27), is a musical instrument shop with a long history of service specializing in guitars and bass guitars. What sets us apart from other music stores? Our establishment is staffed by experienced musicians who actually play and therefore keenly understand the needs of today’s musicians. We listen closely to each of our clients’ unique needs and strive to give them nothing but the best technical advice, and we are always changing and improving our custom services to support the next generation of musicians. Focusing on these concepts, Wood Village has become somewhat of an institution in Shiga Prefecture that buys and sells high-quality merchandise at very competitive prices nationwide. Our holding store, located by Lake Biwa in convenient Hama-Otsu, specializes in a wide range of musical instruments. More specifically, we concentrate on purchasing and selling electric guitars. Thanks to the wide acceptance and support of everyone in the region, we are able to offer more than 50 instruments, as well as a range of effect pedals and other gear which are always on display at the shop and are available for clients to play and jam on. Our complete lineup consists of many high-quality instruments that anyone can enjoy playing - from beginner musicians to seasoned veterans. Wood Village’s concept is "change every day". Our eclectic, ever-changing collection of guitars, including the common “workhorses” as well as those which have a cult-like status, attracts clients from all over the country. With every visit to Wood Village, you are sure to be rewarded with a pleasant surprise by the new additions to our growing collection. Please come visit us and see for yourself. Our experienced, knowledgeable and skillful staff are here to offer their full support for all of your musical endeavors!

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2-7-21, Hamaotsu, Otsu-shi, Shiga, 520-0047, Japan
TEL : +81-77-527-7781
business hours : 11 : 00 ~19 : 00
Regular holiday : Monday,Irregular holiday